Sunday, 7 October 2007

Hanging around!

Well it's been a while since my last post but there has been some progress, although it's been rather slow and frustrating. After some thought I decided to get the redrive made at a machine shop as although I have access to a lathe I haven't used one since my school days. I had a very reasonable quote from overseas to make the complete redrive kit i.e. small pulley, large pulley including bearings and main shaft, belt, prop retaining disc and all the necessary bolts etc. I was told it would take around 2 weeks before it would arrive, so while I waited I thought I'd get myself a harness, I decided it was best to buy one before I start work on the frame so I can check that the fixing points are going to be in the correct place.

The Skybolt can accommodate many different harnesses including the Apco Skycruiser, which is what I decided to go for. Because the harness is such an important part of a PPG I decided to buy a new one and after shopping around on the internet I found that offered the best deal £220.00 including karabiners and shipping. The harness comes in 2 sizes M & L, as I am over 6ft I went for the large. The people at Aerolight were very helpful and the harness arrived from the US within a week of ordering, which is more than I can say for the redrive kit, 2 weeks and it hadn't arrived, 3 weeks and still no sign of it, 4 weeks more delays but promises it would be shipped soon, anyway I'll tell you more about the redrive saga in my next post.

Build cost so far £480.45

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