Thursday, 11 October 2007

Choosing an engine.

I've decided what I'm building and am very happy with my choice of design, now I need to find a suitable engine.

A purpose built PPG engine like the Corsair Black Devil, Radne Raket, Simonini, Solo 210 etc are too expensive for my limited budget, even second-hand, so I'm going to have to look at alternatives. After doing a lot of searching, two choices were available to me, 1: a motorcycle engine and 2: a go-kart engine.

Motorcycle engines are easy to get hold of and can be inexpensive, so that is what I'm going for. A 125cc 2 stroke should do the job and as luck would have it, I was given just that, a Yamaha DT 125cc .

As you can see from the picture the engine was still in the frame and had been sitting in somebody's back garden for 3 years, so it wasn't exactly a good runner but hey, it was free. So I set about taking the engine out of the frame so I could see what was what. Once I had removed the engine I could see it was in pretty bad condition and water had got into the magneto and corroded the electrics, not good!

The more I stripped down the engine the more I could see that it needed a lot of work and money investing in it to get it running again. I also found out that the engine was only 12hp which was not going to be enough power for me, this combined with all the modifications I was going to have to make, made me decide this wasn't a good choice of engine, I needed something which was going to be a lot more straight forward to modify and had more power.

Build cost so far £58.47

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