Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Animal Attraction.

Having decided that using a motorcycle engine wasn't for me, (although others have gone down this route), I continued my search for a more suitable engine. A few weeks had passed and in that time I had managed to sell the Yamaha DT 125 engine and frame to raise a bit more cash to put towards another engine.

A month later I came across a Briggs and Stratton world formula go-kart engine which was offered to me at a great price, so I jumped at the chance and put down a deposit only for it to be refunded back to me the next morning because it had got stolen from the guy's shed, what a bummer, I was very disappointed, I thought I'd found my ideal engine, as it needed no modification, it had just enough power at 14.5Hp, (which is the same as the Bailey 4 stroke PPG engine) and it was brand new, oh yes and a real bargain. In a matter of hours I'd found and lost another engine. In hindsight though it was a little on the heavy side with only just enough power and it was a 4 stroke which apparently don't make very good PPG engines. Well this made me feel a bit better.

Another month had passed when I got the chance to buy another B&S engine from the same guy but this time it was the 8 Hp Animal model. Nowhere near enough Hp for what I wanted it for but I brought it anyway as I knew I could resell it and make a bit of money to put towards my PPG fund.

So I'd got through three engines! but still didn't have anything to work with, until a couple of months later that was.

Build cost so far £58.47

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