Friday, 14 August 2009

Tinkering with the engine.

I've been tinkering with the engine today, getting ready for the big day, which should have been last month but the weather has been s***, we've had so much rain, I reckon I'd have been better off building a boat!

I have been running the engine with a 16:1 oil/fuel ratio, which is what's recommended on the bottle. However this is for karting conditions, where the engine revs to over 15000 rpm. My engine only goes up to 10,800 rpm.

Another KT100 paramotor builder emailed me a couple of months ago. His machine has now done over 200 hours without any problems, which is pretty impressive. He has been using a 25:1 ratio, so I've decreased my ratio to 22:1. The engine runs much better and best of all no oily smoke covering the prop, fuel tank and frame.

After playing around with the engine it felt like the power had increase slightly, so I've just performed a basic thrust test which came out at 55kg, that's 5kg more than my original thrust test.

Not bad for a 100cc go kart engine!